Thought Flood

Happens on sleeples nights, flooding of thoughts:

Introverts in an extroverted world: Why do people with better social skills do better in the workplace even though they do half assed jobs? Is there a corporation that values the hardworking introvert? Why is socialising valued higher than getting the job done?

Future: Will I ever be able to move away from this country?

Parents: Only people who love you unconditionally.

Upcoming elections: Why do minority candidates have to be registered with their respective minority representation organisation? Does that mean if I was Chinese I can just stand for elections, if not I need to be a “recognised” minority representative? Doesn’t anyone see anything wrong with this system?

Stomach trouble: When am I going to be able to start eating properly again? I miss food (and coffee).

Love: The romantic kind, maybe it’s not in the cards for me.

People: You put your faith in them but most just let you down.

Friends: Why does it get harder to make new ones as you get older? I need more single friends. Maybe there just aren’t any single people my age left.

Weather: How is it so hot at night? Why am I not used to sleeping in air conditioning? Would be so much easier if I could turn in the aircon and go to bed.

Gratitude: A quality not seen widely these days, along with humility.

Hugs: I could use one right now.


2 thoughts on “Thought Flood

  1. I just read an article on introverts in the work place. It gives 3 reasons why there great in the work places as managers. Problem, how do they become managers, never told us that fact, In my mind they need someone exceptional to see these things and promote when they come along for promotions.

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