Bitch please

My team has a couple of newbies. One of them is supposed to be my back-up and vice versa, so her training is under my care. Here’s the thing though, she doesn’t ask a lot of questions (unless it’s about office gossip). She likes to take initiative and do things her way. Which is fine, if you ensure that the job gets done correctly. But she loves to take short cuts. I have warned her against it many times. She doesn’t seem to care.

And she loves to send me emails. Like just to ask me simple things. I totally don’t understand that. I sit opposite her. She doesn’t even have to move her ass, all she has to do is move her head to the left a little and she can talk to me face to face. Why send me emails? I have told her multiple times, I get a lot of emails (I get about 120-150 overnight everyday), so if something is urgent, just talk to me. Fastest way to get things done. Today, urgent issue cropped up, she needed to know how to proceed, she sent me an email. If that wasn’t annoying enough, she marked it as “high importance” as you can do in MS outlook. I hate people who use that function liberally. I only use it when I absolutely have to.

To top it all off, she made a mistake today. It was a mistake she had made before, and this time, it led to a big issue. I had to clean up her mess. And then, she had the bloody nerve, to come to me and tell me, what I needed to improve so that the mistake doesn’t happen again. Helllllll no. Just no. Bitch want to play? I got game. Just because I am quiet and easy going, doesn’t mean I am a push over. I responded by asking why she didn’t follow the set process. If she had, her mistake would have been prevented in the first place. And she couldn’t answer me. If you make a mistake, just acknowledge that you made a mistake. Don’t try and push blame. Especially to the person who just saved your fucking ass.

Strangely, I was calm throughout the whole thing. The thing about me, if I am angry and worked up, adrenaline pumping, heart rate up, that’s normal. If I am furious, but heart rate normal, brain rational, you better be prepared for some serious shit coming your way. It was at this moment that I glanced down at my phone. For some reason, last night, after years of having the same lock-screen (pink tulips), last night I changed it to the image below that I found randomly going through my phone gallery. And lucky for the newbie, it reminded me that I need to remain positive and let the negative emotions go. Simple thing, but sometimes I need a reminder.

Okay, rant over.


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