The Matrix

I have 2 bosses. I think people who have studied management would have heard of a matrix hierarchy/organisational structure. When I studied it I thought what a dumb structure. Now that I am actually working in it, I stand by that. It’s dumb. Anyway my 2 bosses are Jack, who’s from the programme/operations team. Work wise he’s my boss, we handle the same customers/situations, and I need to work closely with him. But I actually report to Des, who is the manager of the key account department. This came into effect this year around March/April. It’s a mess.

Jack is new, he replaced my previous boss, the one that recruited me. I love her. Jack’s a nice guy, but me and him are on different wavelengths in the way we think. It causes issues. Yesterday I spent 40 mins talking in circles with him, because he asked me to send an email and I refused because I didn’t think that’s the way to handle the customer. I wasn’t going to send out that email with my name there. I am getting demoralised, because I am having a tough time adapting to his style. He asks some really strange questions sometimes. I think people in the office can sense my morale dropping.

The other boss Des stopped by to have a chat. I think I freaked him out. He told me I was very quiet. I had to stop myself from asking him if he wanted a medal for that observation. He said he’s never managed someone so quiet and that it’s worrying him. I told him to relax, that’s just me, but he wasn’t convinced. Then he asked me what motivates me. He was asking in terms of like declaring a week casual week, staff appreciation lunches, etc. I told him straight up I am not motivated by superficial things. I think he walked away from our conversation even more worried than when he came. Not my fault, he asked. :D


One thought on “The Matrix

  1. Instead of “should I get you a medal” you could casually tell him that you saw a watch that would really look good to him but you can’t remember what it was called. Something like mojo or motto, … that’s not it, it was called a Moto, a Moto 360. There is such a watch (just found it) but you could be thinking Moto 360 means that he’s a Master Of The Obvious in every way (all the way around)

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