Perfect Proposal

I would be lying if I say I have never imagined scenarios of a proposal. But until I saw the picture below online I could have probably never answered the question of what a perfect/ideal marriage proposal would be like. Yes I know I am skipping the step of being in a relationship, but who cares?

Seriously, at the bottom of a coffee mug/cup? Perfect. Imagine it, enjoying a cup of coffee that makes you feel like this (preferably on a cool autumn day in a quiet cafe somewhere like Byron Bay, looking out into the ocean), and then finding that question at the end. What could be better? Just 1 good cup of coffee, who needs a ring? Well I like shiny things, so I would want a ring, but I can buy that myself. Get me a cuppa. Coffee, that’s the way to go. Always.


4 thoughts on “Perfect Proposal

  1. Hahaha, you and I would get along quite well. I love coffee and although I am not engaged, I always imagine if not my proposal, definitely my engagement photos (or wedding) involving coffee or at a coffee shop.

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