Retail Therapy

I love the month of August, it’s the best month of the year. But I have to say, I always go a little crazy with the spending in August. I justify everything that it’s a treat to myself, with it being the birthday month and all. And given that my birthday is actually at the end of the month, this continues till the first week of September. I should be on a spending freeze at the moment. But no, I went shopping today. It was supposed to be window shopping but I saw Real’s last season’s away jersey on sale. Less than half price and probably one of my last chancs to get it. So I did. I have wanted it as soon they unveiled it last year. I mean it’s pink and my favourite club. I had to buy it.

I was also looking for sneakers. What happened, Adidas? You were my go-to sneaker brand. I used to have 1 super comfy pair that I used to the death. I had to throw them away when I moved back from Canberra. They were a bit overused. To be fair I did find a few pairs of Adidas, they just didn’t have size. My sister and I forever struggle to get shoes here, we’re EU size 41-42, that’s UK 7.5-8 or US 9-10. Anything over a EU size 38 is tough to find. Anyway, I ended up buying a pair of Pumas. They are awesome. Everytime I pass them in my shoe-rack, I am so happy with myself :p. A bit masculine but they look cool. Kind of like the ones below. But not exactly those. I woke up in a grumpy mood this morning, but a little retail therapy and all good now. It’s terrible that my coping mechanisms are such bad habits, eating or shopping. I need to hold off all spending till my Bangkok trip now. Well, or at least until pay day. I can do it.


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