I am not a fan of surprises. Okay 75% of the time. I mean if you are going to surprise me with a cup of coffee at work, I would love you loads. But I think it’s my control freak come over analysing nature. Well I am not that much of a control freak. But I don’t know when it comes to birthday presents or something, I’d rather be asked what I want. I know it’s the thought that counts, but lets be practical here. I think it also helps with the disappointment when someone you thought knew you really well, gets you something that shows you they don’t know you at all. I guess when you as unnoticeable as I am, people just don’t pay attention to things you like and dislike. Is it an introvert/anti-social issue? Maybe. I am not saying this to show the world what an unappreciative meanie I am. It’s hard to act all delighted when you receive something that you have no use for. And yes there are times when people get it very right, and I am genuinely presently surprised.  I just thought of this cause I am really happy that at work, my colleague point blank asked what I want for my birthday (from the team). Me and him are on the same wavelength. The others around him were mortified but I really it was the most practical thing to do.


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