Lunch/Dinner party anyone?

I have spent the morning watching Jamie and Nigella instead of doing work that I need to finish. Their shows always inspire me to host lunch/dinner parties. By the way, if you don’t who Jamie and Nigella are, we can’t be friends. Okay I will stop being dramatic, we can be friends. But you’re walking on thin ice. Here are their wiki pages, if you are curious, Jamie & Nigella.

Anyway their shows always make me want to invite people around and cook a feast. I quickly get brought back to reality. I don’t have enough people to invite. I will think of something.

Luckily, one of the Nigella bites episodes were all about cooking for 1. I shall try those out. Well at least the grilled haloumi salad. Looked so yummy, will make it on Friday, if I can find haloumi in this damn country. Need to remember, 4.5 mins for the egg.


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