I have been pretty sceptical of the craze over Korean skin care products. Most Korean/East Asian skincare brands seem to sell turning you white. It’s an obsession with having super fair skin, which is why I usually I don’t even consider them. And also I have been pretty happy with the brand I use Olay. Unfortunately, Olay for some reason have stopped selling the facial wash I normally use and I somehow ended up in an innisfree store, in my hunt for a replacement.

I ended up buying a facial wash and mask from them. I love their stuff! The salesgirl talked me into getting a Jeju volcanic cleanser that came in aerosol form. I wasn’t convinced because I am pretty used to facial foam being in the usual tubes and to be honest the aerosol comes out in like shaving cream consistency which feels weird. But true to what she said it, its soap free but leaves your skin feeling clean without feeling dry. The mask too, was a tissue hydrating mask with various sections and a pain to get on. Seriously, Batman can get his mask on quicker the one I used. But the feeling in the morning was amazing.

Their products are affordably priced too, I  spent less than $20 in the store and they even gave me a little gift. I love the brand. If you live somewhere where you have access to it, do go check out their products.


3 thoughts on “Innisfree

  1. I just found your blog and I really like the name of it! ^^
    I’ve seen a few Innisfree commercials haha, but I’ve never tried any of their products… now I want to though! Jeju volcanic cleanser, that just sounds cool.

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