On Losing Friends

A very interesting read. I have thought of this before but couldn’t have written it this well.


sculpture-356116_1920Have you ever had a close friend break up with you? A. C. Grayling writes that losing a friend can be as painful as losing a partner:

“if we lose … a friend we feel the loss deeply, as of someone loved. Indeed we talk of loving our friends … and their loss can accordingly be profound.”

I would suggest that the pain of losing a close friend can be worse than that of losing a partner. We know that romantic relationships fail; it happens to many of us multiple times over our lives. But it’s another story with close friendships. They are rarely ended – we rarely get ‘dumped’ by our close friends.

I see a paradox here. On the one hand, our friendships can be so valuable to us that the pain of losing them can surpass the pain of losing a partner. On the other hand, even…

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