I have a problem

Well if you read this blog you’ll know that I have more than 1 problem. I don’t know if it’s normal for women my age but the biological clock ticking’s getting louder. It’s more like a biological bomb ticking than a clock as this stage. It might explode one day, who knows. I went into a baby store to buy a present for a friend who’s having one, and all the baby clothes were just so cute I wanted to buy it all. For who I don’t know, I just wanted to grab everything and go to the cashier. There was this pretty mint green dress with little pink flamingos, and a blue and while polka-dot top, that every fibre of my being wanted to buy. And a pink and blue dress with the hearts. They were not cheap too, but still I wanted to get them. Almost did but thank got sound logic took over eventually. I couldn’t buy it for my friend because she’s in Canberra and where it would still be cold when the baby is born and these were summer outfits. I could get it for my sister who’s pregnant but it’s still too early to even tell the gender of the baby, so that’s not going to work out if she has another boy. The little boys clothes were really adorable too. If only I could still squeeze my nephew into them.

Does anyone else get these almost uncontrollable urges when they are in baby stores or see cute babies? Or is it just me? Have I just lost it? Let’s hope this feeling goes away the nearer I get to my thirties.


4 thoughts on “I have a problem

  1. I’m sorry to say it will probably just get worse in your 30s…but cause then you know that your ticking clock is dying… The worst of my ticking ended about the age of 34. Now that I’m living with a 2 year old, I just laugh when that urge rears it’s ugly head lol The reality of a baby is SO different than the dream of a baby.

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