Travel Plans

Here are my travel goals for the next few years:

  • 2015 – Thailand & Switzerland/Austria/Italy
  • 2016 – Cambodia & One more place at least. I am still sorting out if the plan I have is a good idea or not
  • 2017 – Turkey/Greece & Myanmar. Myanmar was supposed to be this year but has gotten pushed back. And I think I want to take my parents to Turkey & Greece. I might regret this decision while I am on the trip but I am working towards it.
  • 2018 – The World Cup! Woohoo. I do hope they move it out of Russia though, with the current corruption scandal. If not, go there, enjoy the games and then explore Eastern Europe maybe?

Just thought I would put it in black and white so it’s concrete plans.


4 thoughts on “Travel Plans

    • Nope, never been anywhere in Europe. Your like the 5th person to tell me about gelato. I am definitely going to get my fill of it even though I am going in winter :p

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