Tech & traffic lights

Walking home from work, I have to cross a major road to get to my bus stop. Because it’s a major road, the traffic light takes an awful long time to change. And then it stays green for about 20 seconds for you to cross the road. Today at the traffic light, there were about 8 of us waiting. The light, took a while as usual, but eventually turned green. I was standing at the back of this pack of us waiting. I think I made it a third of the way across the road before any of my fellow pedestrians even realised the light had changed. They were all so glued to their phones, they didn’t even notification someone crossing the road.

A little sad isn’t it that we spend lives these days staring at screens. 10-12 hours on a computer screen at work, then the rest of it on our phones/computers. I live in a society that doesn’t know the meaning of stopping to smell the roses. Won’t stop me from doing it though.


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