12 July 2015

I couldn’t think of a better title. It’s just an update on life. Work has been exhausting, and I have 4 more days not including today. The next 4 days, I am going to be covering a colleague while having to train 2 newbies so, yay. And to top off my week that just ended, on Friday we were told by a client that they were unhappy with our back up plan for a few delayed shipments. The shipments were delayed because of a Typhoon which led to flights being cancelled. The customer very clear that they understood the weather was uncontrollable but said we didn’t have a robust back up plan. I told the customer, I am sorry, I called God to cancel the Typhoon but I kept getting his voicemail, and he didn’t respond to my text either. Well I wish I could say that. It’s a bloody typhoon, what back up plan do you want? Can someone please explain to me why do people like these exist? That too in powerful corporate positions.

The weeks been tiring but I am still surviving. The weather is making it challenging though. We seem to be getting teases of rain/storms some mornings and then the sun comes up and almost immediately it feels like you’re in an oven. I think we need like a week of full on rainy, stormy weather.

I honestly cannot remember the last time I got to sleep in. I can’t wait for Friday when I will get to do this:


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