Here’s the thing about me. Once I make a decision, I stick to it. I am quite decisive, have always been. Remember my friend who I said I am going to Bangkok with? She’s not. She’s super indecisive. And just booking flights and hotels is proving to be a challenge. From the start, I told her, lets just fly with Scoot (it’s a airline, look it up). She didn’t like the timings but liked the price. She spent 2 days looking up alternative timing on other airlines, only to decide on Scoot in the end.

Now with hotels, I am faced with the same issue. I have decided on getting a high floor room/suite at Baiyoke Sky. I mean just look at the view. I told I have made up my mind on that unless she can convince me otherwise. I am not rash or  impulsive. I make very calculated decisions after doing my research and whatever other due diligence. Now she’s sending a million other hotels that she’s been researching just tonight. It’s not even proper research, cause she doesn’t even look at the location. I have given up and am going to sleep. Hopefully when I wake up she’s made a decision.


One thought on “Decisiveness

  1. LMAO I’m similar to you. From time to time it does become impulsive and indecisive, but generally, it’s well thought out. I basically allot an hour to any decision I make, and after that hour, that is the decision. That hotel looks ridiculously awesome.

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