Tech love

I finally know what love at first sight is all about. Okay fine, I will tone down the drama. Well remember this post? I have decided I feel differently about ending the relationship with my current laptop early after I saw the Asus Zenbook UX305. It’s light and absolutely stunning. It’s even thinner than, brace yourselves Apple lovers, a Macook Air. If you google it, it actually looks bigger and bulkier in pictures than is actually is (like the picture below). I want one. Unfortunately I can’t justify dishing out a thousand bucks for one, especially since my current one has no issues. Oh well, maybe some money will fall out of the sky and I will get to buy one.

Speaking of Apple, while don’t buy into the whole idea of it (yes it is more of a concept than anything else), I have to say their branding/marketing is amazing. The ads for the Apple watch are pretty impressive. Makes you pay attention to the product despite the fact that other smartphone makers have had smart watches for years. I have to admit it would be pretty cool to work in their branding team. Might be a bit tough though, since I refuse to use any of their products. :p


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