Running in Heels

Because I heard yet another conversation about this on the bus today and can’t seem to shake it off, here’s my 2-cents worth:

Dear everyone who has a problem with that fact that the female lead in Jurassic World spent the whole time running away from dinosaurs in heels,

Really? Yes I know it’s know heels aren’t the most comfortable thing in the world to run in, but there are women who pretty much live in them. Likely a minority but they do exist. I personally know a few. And seriously, if you were running for your life, I don’t think a pair of regular pumps would slow you down, would they? Besides it’s fiction/entertainment. The movie was based on dinosaurs coming back to life after 65 million years of extinction. Let me repeat, live dino-freaking-saurs. And the most unrealistic part was a woman running in heels? Come on.


5 thoughts on “Running in Heels

  1. We are trying to find out how female detectives can chase down suspects in 4″ heels! I have enough trouble running in 1/4″ heals! :(
    Haven’t seen the movie yet. Suppose to be here in a week or two. Small towns are being gipped!

    • Detectives in heels, yes I can understand the issue. But this was different, she was dressed a day in the office in the corporate world so I don’t see why it became the huge issue that it did. Enjoy the movie, it was entertaining. I am surprised it’s not out yet.

  2. That’s great and all, but how did the heals last that long? I ultimately chalk it up to that’s the kind of movie this is, I thought it was funny, but at the end of the day, it was on the long list of things that wouldn’t actually happen. But it’s Jurassic Park. It’s an entertaining long list.

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