Nice Guy

The nice guys (or girls) finish last phrase really is true isn’t it? I had a crappy, freaking day at work. Like I can cry thinking about it, kind of crappy. And on the way home thinking about my current work situation, I got a bit upset. I realise that there is politics even among my own teammates. That’s what kind of sucks, because I am a team player. When I give it my all, I really give it everything I have got. When I go on leave, I make sure that there’s nothing pending for my colleagues to follow up. I clear everything outstanding. My colleagues though, just give me a list of things to do while they are away without thinking twice. And for some reason I feel like it’s my duty to ensure everything on that list is cleared before they come back. I need to be more like them.

They like to have discussions in Mandarin, laugh, joke, gossip and when I ask what’s going on(especially if i hear my name), I get dismissed, and told it’s nothing. When I speak to a fellow colleague from another team in Tamil, suddenly the whole world wants to know what we’re talking about. On Monday when one of my teammates, the newest guy in my team, was told that his workload is going to get even more challenging, and looked really stressed, I took him aside and talked to him. Told him not to stress out or worry, we’re all a team, we’re in this together and promised him that I will not let him drown in work alone. I do keep promises I make. But today I realised, no one would do the same for me. Why do I even bother?

I should change my ways, care less and concentrate on my own job/tasks more. I shouldn’t worry about my team. Unfortunately I know that won’t happen. It’s just not me to do that. I need to remind myself that ultimately the goal in life (or mine anyway) is to be a good human being and not get caught up in office politics or nonsense. Easier said then done. At least I will chalk up cosmic karma points right?


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