I usually get through my boring mundane days (or life) by looking forward to a particular day or event to look forward to. The last such date was last Friday when I had a catch-up session with my uni friends. Now there’s not too much going on in the weeks to come. I don’t have a date/event marker to look forward to. Maybe my birthday, but that 2 months away and I am working that weekend. This working weekends thingy is really messing with my head. I need something sooner to look forward to.

Well at least today is a nice day. Weather this morning was not blistering hot and I slept relatively well. Had very weird dreams as usual but at least I didn’t wake up like 5 times.

And I did a buzzfeed quiz on the way to work, on which British actor you should marry and got Idris Elba. That’s a positive right? :D Maybe he’ll do a quiz on which random nobody you should marry, he’ll get me and then we’re pretty much set.

Taking it day-by-day, baby steps, I can do this.


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