Repeat mistake

It’s a very hot night. Couldn’t sleep, was bored, ended up downloading a dating app. Not Tinder this time. Barely 5 minutes into it, I got into very strong debate with a guy on same sex marriage. He was very against it, for no reason, idiot. Then there’s the expat (white guy) who told me he can’t tell if I am Indian, Malay, Filipino, Chinese or some other race because he can’t tell the different racial groups apart. Basically he sees the world as white and non-white, that’s it.

I think the next weekend that I am off, I am going to go start picking out my cats. Ending up as crazy cat lady seems so much better right now than ending up with a douchebag. I mean seems like the only single men left are all idiots.


3 thoughts on “Repeat mistake

  1. OH Lord, we all have OKC stories. Welcome to the club.

    I still hold to the thought that OKC is normal people going into the realm of the exceptional and getting slammed for it.

  2. Oh man, I’ve had people message me on okc just to challenge things I say in my profile. Beats going to dinner with someone only to find out they think feminism is icky…

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