Follow Up

So as a follow-up post to my previous on, mostly because I can’t sleep, let’s discuss Jurassic World. Guess a big spoiler alert warning should be in place?

Here goes. The special effects were amazing. Chris Pratt was even more amazing. Storyline/plot fairly pretty similar to Jurassic Park and very predictable. Everyone is like hey wow look at the dinosaurs until the dinosaurs try to kill them. Predictably Indian dude dies, Chinese guy makes it out alive. At least they didn’t kill the Black guy, that was probably the only thing that caught me off guard. That and how good Chris Pratt looked. I already thought he was good looking before but maybe it was the character. Seriously, if me and that dinosaur had to fight over Chris Pratt, the dinosaur doesn’t stand a chance in hell.

And the romance part was unnecessary. Sorry, I hate love. Honestly the story would have been fine without the male and female ending up together. Didn’t need that. Also while the action was really entertaining I  wished there was a bit more brainy, sciencey bit to the plot just to make it even more interesting.

I did however relate really well with one of the characters. You wouldn’t be able to guess who. You would probably miss him if you blinked. There’s this guy when the pterodactyls attack, who grabs 2 giant margaritas and runs. That would be me if I was ever in that situation. Who am I kidding? I don’t need the pterodactyls, I am always ready to run away with 2 giant margaritas.

Overall I think the movie is worth a watch but don’t hold your breath.


8 thoughts on “Follow Up

  1. I loved margarita guy! And you could hear the chuckles from the people who saw it. I do miss the more brainy parts which showed up in the original :( Apparently the Asian, the only guy from the original, does die in the books, in the original Jurassic Park. Black guy didn’t die because he’s not African American. ;) But yes, was a lot of fun. Was surprised the hot assistant died.

    • Do you really see that margarita guy? I am not sure I believe you. Nobody else around me seemed to notice. And I knew that assistance was going to die, they didn’t make her character too lovable. I never read the books and don’t think I will, not my kind of genre for reading. But yes it was fun movie. Entertaining. Worth at least 1 watch I think.

  2. I felt much the same about it :) A fun movie if you don’t take it too seriously. And yes Chris was hot, yes I rolled my eyes at the romance and yes both me and my friend noticed margarita guy ;)

    • It was like they didn’t have time to build a romance in the story so they just threw one in there. And glad people noticed the margarita guy :D

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