Double B Moment

I had 2 B moments today. I had the “God I am such a brat” moment and “Why am I such a dumb bimbo” moment all because of the same issue. The water heater at home has decided to kill itself. It didn’t go down without a fight though. It caused a major power trip before it did. And I was annoyed that I have to shower in cold water. Thankfully before that annoyance set in, perspective did. Firstly, I still remember the cold winter night in Canberra when I came home after uni at 9 at night, got caught in a drizzle during my 2km, walk home and had to bathe in cold water. Compared to that, this is nothing. Like seriously? I live 1 degree north of the equator on a tropical island, where it’s 29 degrees (Celsius) at night. And I am upset that I don’t have a hot shower? There are people, children, out there they don’t even have access to clean water. Oh Anita, you big baby.

The bimbo moment came, right after my genius moment when I decided to bring a small pail of hot boiled water to supplement my cold shower. I don’t get why in a place where the average temperature is close to 30 degrees, the water from our taps feel like it’s closer to 4 degrees. Anyway, so there I was in the shower with my pail of hot water but what I hadn’t thought about how to actually use it in the shower. All I had was the pail. It wasn’t big, but it was too much water to just dump at one got over my head. I eventually got a system working but I can’t believe I didn’t think through my brilliant plan before hand. Brat & bimbo, besides work, that was my day today.


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