Party hour

It’s Friday night so naturally I am did as expected. I par-tayed. If by party you mean working late and coming home and watching back to back episodes of Say Yes to the Dress on TV. I always forget it’s on on Fridays on TLC. I love that show. I hate weddings and big poofy dresses, but I love that show. Yes I know, it doesn’t make sense, deal with it.

I think it’s because one of my dream jobs is be to be a wedding/party planner. That’s why I like watching it. And also it’s a good show where you can just switch off your brain. It’s like when I used to enjoy watching Hardcore Pawn. Quite a guilty pleasure, shows that are so trashy yet so entertaining. You don’t have to think. Nice way to wind down the week in my opinion. Don’t judge me. Or do. I don’t care.


2 thoughts on “Party hour

  1. I have got miles to go. All four monitors full of sone thing or another, 70 unread emails just betweek two of the acounts, I’m tired and we have guests coming over at 6 PM for dinner. Guests 5. 1995, 2008, 2009, 2013 or 14 and tonight.

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