I am kind of tired of having to be mindful of others’ moods. I was at work to day and was told, be careful so-and-so is in a bad mood today. Like fucking hell, does anyone give a damn when I am in a bad mood? Why do I have to walk on egg shells around others when they are moody, when they don’t do the same around me? Screw it, I am going to treat you how I treat you.

If you are in a bad mood it’s your problem. If you take it out on others then you’re the inconsiderate dumbass. Some of us work very damn hard at always maintaining a smile and telling the world everything is okay, even at times when all we want to do is get into the fetal position and cry for days. If you’re in a bad mood, boo-freaking-hoo. You go deal with it, don’t take it out on me.


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