Guilt trip

My team at work is supposed to consist of 5 people. 1 position has been vacant since February so there are only 4 of us. I am supposed to be off today because I was working the weekend. I confirmed that no one else will be out of the office today, Monday 8th June, finalised the day off and then made plans to take 2 of my friends out for their birthday. I am taking them to afternoon tea and place we are going to has helped to customise the menu because both are pregnant and 1 of the 2 is vegetarian. All set and ready to go.

This morning I got a text. 1 guy from my team was sick and won’t be at work. Another lady’s son is sick and needs the afternoon off. And now I feel guilty for having the day off. I shouldn’t though right? The team and the bosses both knew way in advance that I will not be in the office today. If I have known yesterday maybe I could have changed my plans. But I only knew this morning at 8.45am. Logically I shouldn’t feel guilty. Yet I do. How do I make this feeling go away?


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