I was discussing how I am en-route to dying alone and not knowing what love is, this morning with someone and remembered this epiphany I had.

Because Life Happens

No, not the John Mayer song. It is a good song though. I had a moment of clarity last night about my state of perpetual singledom. I am going to be a little mean okay? There’s this guy, he’s a friend of a friend. He isn’t very good looking. In fact I find him the opposite of good looking.  And in my brief interactions with him in the past, I think he’s a little annoying. But I really can’t judge based on that, he may be a wonderful person I don’t know.  I saw him at my friend’s function last night, he’s newly married. His wife is hot. She’s tall, skinny yet curvy and was fairly friendly. My mind immediately wondered, if she, with that body ended up with someone like that, what am I going to end up with? And then it finally made sense. No one, that’s why…

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