I don’t really do selfies but God I look gorgeous tonight (at my cousin’s wedding). Maybe that’s why the waiter saw me sitting alone and plonked down a huge slice of cake in front of me. Either that or he saw me sitting all  alone at the table while everyone one was happily socialising and thought I need the cake the most. But let’s go with the former. It was really good cake. To anyone who was busy having too much fun and missed out to the cake, sucks to be you.

I liked my cousin’s pastor though. In the midst of the prayer he led, he said a prayer for the people yet to meet the love of their lives. Someone giving a shout out to us lonely single souls at a wedding, i.e. couple-y lovefest. That was new.



6 thoughts on “Selfie

  1. That is a very nice photo. I don’t take many either and always have to take several to get one where my looks don’t make people wonder I’ve had my shots. About six months ago I figured out that people use the camera on the screen to take selfies. I know if should have been obvious to me but it wasn’t. I would hold the phone awkwardly and try to snap a shot. After six or seven tries I’d get something OK and go with it.

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