Career Aspirations

Any fresh grads, or final year students dreaming of a great career? This is the most accurate career/job hunting related post on the Internet I have seen so far.


7 thoughts on “Career Aspirations

  1. HAHAHA This is me in a nutshell. Graduating uni was one of the bigger disappointment in life; attending it at all was the biggest mistake ever

  2. Question: If so many grads are having difficulties finding work to suit their education, when will things shift back the other way and make higher education less important for finding a great career?

    • True it is a mismatch. Not sure where you’re from but over here, the job market seems to have shifted. There are more opportunities for those with experience and vocational training then with degrees. But there’s still a huge emphasis on getting a “good education”.

  3. Truth is, it’s pretty much the same deal here in America. More and more grads are finding the job market a difficult one. Plus, education is so expensive–far more than years ago–they or their parents dig themselves a financial hole long before they’re even out of school.

    • Yup I don’t understand why uni fees have to be so expensive (all over the world). So much for making education accessible. My parents too have used up their retirement putting my sister and me through school. The world is a confusing place.

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