I am sure everyone has those nights, some more often then others, where you sty up in bed thinking about your purpose in this world. Tonight there’s a bit of that, but there’s also why do people like Kim Jong-un exist? What is his purpose? He has his officials executed for not listening to instructions. […]

Artificial Happy

I think I have mentioned previously I how in the mornings I make myself happy via listening to hilarious podcasts or youtube video clips. Well I have started doing that on sleepless nights too. And came across this: I think that’s the best cover of that song. Yes even better than the Westlife one. Which is surprising […]

Security Breach

More accurately a social media security breach. Okay so here’s the extent of my activity on social media. I don’t use twitter, I have like a 5-6 year old account but I have not tweeted anything ever. My Facebook page has anyone and everyone on. Schoolmates (primary to uni), ex-colleagues, family friends, extended family, extended-extended […]