Forced work weekend

Well I suppose every weekend I work I am forced to by work. But this company retreat was just shit, because you cannot simply knock off after 6pm. This weekend was bad. Like really bad. I cannot believe that it’s been happening for years without any complaints. There was nothing enjoyable about it. Okay that’s a lie. I brought a book, the little bit of reading I got to do was fun.

The coffee in that place didn’t even taste like coffee. I am not exaggerating, I took a sip and thought I have mistakenly taken the tea until a colleague told me that was the coffee. I cannot even describe what it tasted like, it was such an unfamiliar taste. The food was terrible and the place was infested with flies, the hot water water in our room wasn’t working and hotel staff didn’t seem to care, the towels were stinky and as mentioned before, I was made to share a room. As usual I feel that this whole thing seems to be planned for the enjoyment of the more social (i.e extroverted) staff and to tick something off the management’s checklist.

This has to change. Now I have to decide whether I chill and let it be or go feedback this to the bosses. If I do the latter, I need to decided when is the best time to do it and whether it will bite me in the ass later.

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