I really love how inclusive and non-superficial we are in this country. So this happened, a senior beauty writer at well known fashion mag said the following when defining beauty in Singapore:

“Looking flawless and well-groomed is a Singaporean woman’s aim. We look a lot to South Korea and Japan for products and trends.
Also, we stay out of the sun due to our fair, porcelain complexion. Our hot, humid weather can cause oily skin so the most popular beauty treatments here reflect that.
The ‘perfect’ Singapore girl has big eyes and a small face with a defined jawline and feminine long hair. She’s slim and petite with shapely legs. Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi and South Korean actress Song Hye-Kyo would be considered classically beautiful here.”

I wasn’t born with porcelain skin and don’t avoid the sun. I was also born with super curly hair, it’s pretty much out of place all the time so tough to look flawless. I am very much flawful. I also have never strived to look anything like that Chinese actress and have no clue who that South Korean on is, so I guess I must be butt ugly by the definition here.

This is the place I call home. Let’s all get together and celebrate turning 50 this year shall we?

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