Grey skies

Got caught in the rain today on the way from back from work. And not like a heavy downpour. It was more a full on thunderstorm, complete with lightning and thunder. Worse still, my trusted umbrella that I have lugged around in my bag for the last 10 years broke a few weeks ago. That umbrella was with me through heatwaves and hailstorms. But today I had a new umbrella. The minute I opened it, the handled came off. Wouldn’t have expected anything different knowing my life, to be honest. And then I walked to the bus stop, that piece of junk. I think the top for my head and face, anything above my nose, managed to stay dry. I was soaking wet, with my clothes plastered to me, walking through ankle deep water.

I don’t really have a point to this post. Just wanted an outlet to complain because I have limited ones in life. Don’t know if it’s the weather, or getting drenched but I am feeling cold tonight. Good thing about that is that I have found out that I can hug my 2 best friends and they are warm and don’t complain. My phone and laptop. What would I do without them. Okay that is a bit sad. Mood to match the weather.

My positive for today though, work was okay and more importantly, I am alive. Didn’t get hit by lightning, got the feel the rain on my skin and then come home to a roof over my head and warm meal. I shouldn’t take those for granted.

One thought on “Grey skies

  1. Some days are so horrible you have two choices: cry or laugh. I prefer to laugh. I’m obviously starring in a comedy of errors ;) Keep your chin up. Sounds like an eventful and exciting day, even if not ideal.

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