Day of Americans and Rejection

Oh Americans. What a bunch. I have decided I don’t like them. There are some exceptions of course. Beyonce and Ellen Degeneres for example. Americans are not very helpful are they? Well okay fine it’s a stretch to lump them all in one group. In my previous job, I worked mostly with just 1 and I liked talking to her. The ones I have dealt with the past week are a different story. Their accents were annoying too. One of them couldn’t understand me and was frustrated. I mean if you don’t like talking to me you should have just replied my emails. Besides I don’t have a very thick accent and was speaking in English so what the hell. What I really wish I could have said to him was, – stop acting better than me, my English is probably better than yours you idiot. Life, so full of wasted opportunities.

After having a gruelling day at work, I came home to a letter rejecting my credit card application. I know its sad to get annoyed by that too but I don’t have much else going in life. Plus the dude at the bank said I am eligible for it. I don’t have bad credit or anything so why was I rejected? Bank won’t tell me. It’s confidential, which I think it’s stupid. I really need one but I thought it would come in handy for travelling an stuff.

I keep getting headaches too this week. I am not normally a headache-y person. I don’t know if it’s psychological because of work and other stress, and I don’t know how to make them go away.

What is the world coming to? I am getting headaches, people with bad credit walk around with credit cards, Americans are not as friendly as they seem and Kim Jong-un probably sleeps soundly at night. I give up.


4 thoughts on “Day of Americans and Rejection

  1. We Americans are very annoying because we think we live in the greatest country on Earth. It’s probably not true at all, but that’s what we’ve been led to believe by centuries of marketing and politics. When you hear that for so long, you start acting like one of those celebrities that’s had people fawning over him or her for their entire lives. Hence, you have this air about you that you’re more important than everyone else. That explains Americans. We’re not all like that, of course. But I can certainly see where non-Americans would think that way, and it would be hard to blame them for that. I hope your next interaction with an American goes better.

    • I know I shouldn’t lump everyone in the same boat but today wasn’t any better in my dealings with your fellow countrymen unfortunately.

  2. How dare they think there the best country on the planet, they have short memories, biggest bullies on the planet with more human rights issues with in there own country.

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