Security Breach

More accurately a social media security breach. Okay so here’s the extent of my activity on social media. I don’t use twitter, I have like a 5-6 year old account but I have not tweeted anything ever. My Facebook page has anyone and everyone on. Schoolmates (primary to uni), ex-colleagues, family friends, extended family, extended-extended family. Basically people who I  am close to to people who I barely remember. I occasionally go through my friends list and delete those people I cannot remember meeting. Basically I use Facebook to catch up on useless articles and stalk people. Rarely when I feel like I need attention I will post a status update or photo.

The next layer is instagram. I have various people on it, ranging from people I know well to people I am just okay with. But none of my annoying ex-colleagues or extended family are on it. Except my bff cousin (R). The one I mention on my blog a fair bit. My friends/follow list is very managed on IG, I will not just randomly add someone on it. I use it mostly as a online scrapbook for myself.

Then there’s this blog, which is almost like a diary. Not even sure I can classify it as social media. The only 2 people who know me personally that have this url are my cousin and my friend Johnny. That’s it.

And then there’s tumblr, but that’s mostly to kill time. Not much of a social aspect at all there.

Now lets go back to instagram. I have rejected a fair number of follow requests from cousins, colleagues, basically people I don’t think make it into the circle of trust. Well my true circle of trust is really small, this is like a secondary circle of trust. And today a cousin who I am not so close to, but not so not-close to (if that makes sense) added me. This cousin (J) and I grew up together and we keep in touch now. But I don’t exactly tell her stuff like my cousin R. So now, if I accept her request, it’s going to be weird. It’ll also be weird if I reject her. And J is a reporter, she’s always interrogating us on things and it’s annoying. Very annoying. I just cannot decide which is weirder. And honestly I have nothing to hide on IG. It’s not like I live a double life of being an average joe (or jane in this case) by day and become some wild party girl at night or anything. So why is this bothering me? I have no idea. It’s just the way my brain is wired.


One thought on “Security Breach

  1. An ex lover found my blog last year and accused me of calling her a “conquest” based on words like “passion” and “intense” to describe our brief romance. I didn’t think anyone besides me and random people knew this blog of mine existed (I, too, consider it a therapeutic diary). It was a weird and very stressful time.

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