Sunday Blues

Yes I know it’s a day early, but here I am at 1730hrs on a Sunday, doing a report that seems never-ending and an email crops up on an urgent issue that needs solving. Of course the issue is in Australia and it’s too late there (in terms of time) for me to get anyone to answer their phones. If only that email came in an hour later, I wouldn’t be responsible to fix it soon. Honestly there’s nothing more I can do so I am going to leave it but I know it’s going to lead to me being interrogated as to why I didn’t do anything when I am back in the office. And this off the back of a lousy weekend.  It’s bloody Sunday. Why am I working?

I have 3 weekends of work this month. Basically I work every other weekend and one of it I have to go to a teambuilding thingy in Malaysia. It’s basically company training. Why can’t they just do it here in Singapore? I have to go and spend 2 days/1 night in some budget resort and take part in activities I don’t like. My weekends are precious, why don’t they get that? Argh.


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