Dad 3

I think this is the 3rd post about my father. The first 2, can be found here and here respectively. I went for an apron tour today. No not a tour of a facility that showcases various protective garments for when you cook. It was a tour of an airport apron, for work. I work in logistics, so had to go view how shipments are unloaded and loaded, you get the picture. It was cool. Actually when I was on it I thought it was cool, now that the effects of waking up super early (3.20am) are setting in, I am weighing out if the sleep deprivation was worth it. I am just grumpy now, it was worth it. How many people get to be on the ground when a plane comes in/leaves or walk through the fuselage of a freight carrier?

Anyway, my dad asked me about the tour. He loves planes, he’s from the air force. So I told him and I told when I was standing I saw a fighter jets take off on the military runway, for training. I said it was about bunch of F15s, this is the conversation (or debate maybe) that followed:

Dad: Not F15s, F16s. How do you know they were F15s?

Me: Because they looked like F15s.

Dad: They couldn’t have been F15s. You must have seen the F16s.

Me: Doesn’t the Air Force have F15s?

Dad: Yes.

Me: You weren’t even there then how do you know what I saw weren’t F15s?

Dad: Can’t be F15s. Did the plane have 1 or 2 tails?

Me: They were F15s.

Dad: Did it have double stabilizers?

Me: I don’t know what those are, but they were F15s.

And he still didn’t believe me. I had to google a picture with a F16 & F15 side by side and explain to him how I know the difference. The wings are different, that’s how I can tell in case you were wondering like him. I mean, the number of air shows I have been to with him, and time I spent at air force museums /air bases growing up (not to mention listen to him going on and on about planes), you would think he would give me some credit that I know some of my planes.

The older they get the more stubborn they get don’t they? Plus he’s a Capricorn. Capricorns are the most stubborn of the signs aren’t they? I know a fair few Capricorns, I think that is true. Sorry cousin. You’re alright though. :p


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