Stupidity amuses me as I have mentioned before. Today’s comes from this dumb-ass. Remember that guy? Well so he actually got in touch again to meet up. Thankfully I am am busy tomorrow, Friday, when he wanted to meet. So I said Saturday, but he’s busy and he said we’ll figure out some time to catch up. Okay, that’s all well and good. The problem if, he’s telling me this over Facebook messaging. And I don’t have/refuse to download that app. I tried it out, hated it, and wish they had stuck to the old messaging system. I have told this guy 3 times now that I rarely get on Facebook, don’t message me there, text or WhatsApp message me. He said okay all times and has continued messaging me there. I now refuse to check my Facebook messages. Like how fucking dumb are you? Or are you that cheap that you are trying to save a dollars on messaging? He’s probably 10 times richer than me. Plus he saved all that money from getting a scholarship meant for financially struggling student. Send me a bloody text you cheap dumbo.

The problem though is that I have a bit of a OCD issue with notifications. I hate seeing the 1 there without being able to do anything about it. If I go view it to get rid of the notification, then he’ll see that I have read it which I don’t want. Stupid Facebook, sometimes I just want to delete the damn app. But then how would I get to stalk people online or get to read useless articles? :D

It’s killing me though, that big old 1 there



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