My future house, I had recent decided was going to have a media room. As in the TV will not be in the living room. Given I am going to die single and the marriage/family track doesn’t seem to be happening, I am thinking when I finally get an apartment (in Singapore too, because I am resigned to fate that I will be stuck in the damn place) it will be a 2 bedroom flat. 1 master and the other room will be my media/office. Basically all my gadgets will be in it, smart TV, laptop, etc. Then I thought I want a elliptical machine in my house, and has to face the TV. But there lies the flaw in my design. The room is probably too small, and I will probably want a TV in master bedroom too. I could put have 2 TVs and put the elliptical machine in the master. That would solve my space issues. Anyway, I have some time before I put the down payment on a house.

Sad though cause my dream house wasn’t exactly like this. Got to roll with the punches though. I just wished lofts were more common here. I just need a tiny one. Like this one I saw online, and I’d be happy:


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