Fat people problems

Yesterday after having a bad day at work, I decided to go for a jog to ease off the stress. I don’t know if it was the stress or what, I decided to push myself extra hard. And guess what? I ended up with a skin abrasion my thigh. It wasn’t like some simple chafing, I realised this morning, I had skin come off. I can’t even walk straight. And yes, I am classifying this a fat person problem. I doubt people with thigh gap would ever experience that.

I decide to push myself and it was God told me, hey fatty chill, don’t overdo it. Just sit home and stuff your face with cake. Why is my life a joke? Sighs. I need a break, from life. Like now.


8 thoughts on “Fat people problems

  1. Oh my god that sounds really painful. I used to get really bad bruises from walking around new york in the summer. People have no idea! I hope you find some way to relax this weekend!

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