From posting almost everyday, to no post in almost 2 weeks. I have neglected my blog. Not that my blog missed me anyway. It’s a one-sided thing just like everything else in my life, I love my blog more that my blog loves me. I need to stop developing relationships with inanimate things. :D

My life has been pretty much consumed by work. Given that work makes about 90% of my life and takes up most of my time, that is not surprising. But life in terms of work has been crazy. Firstly because they are doing restructuring at work, which involved a physical move to another smaller, more cramped office. My current desk sucks. It’s small, I have no space for my coffee mug. It’s annoying.

My boss, who I like because she’s pretty patient, is leaving. She got promoted. Her leaving will affect me in 2 ways. Firstly, I am losing a great boss. Secondly, in the interim while they replace her, stuff that she would normally deal with will fall on to my plate. More work, same pay, same amount of time to finish it all. And I am getting dragged into work politics. Not going to be fun. Also there have been a fair bit of changes to my team, which sees 2 new people coming on board.

It’s been 5 months, and I still have no work bffs. All the other jobs I have been in, whether I loved or hated it,  I have had work bffs. But this one I cannot imagine seeing any of my colleagues’ faces for any longer than I have to. I just don’t “click” with anyone which can suck sometimes.

The thing that most affects me about work is that I miss my weekends. I honestly didn’t think when I took up this job I would be working this many weekends without being given time off. Nor did I realise I will be working public holidays. It kind of sucks. I have been waiting for sometime to feedback this to my boss but with the restructuring, currently I am not very sure who is my boss. I wonder if they will change things with my feedback.

Currently in terms of life, I basically feel like this cat:


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