Male pride

I came across this thing on the internet about how size doesn’t matter because the lion is the king of the jungle and not an elephant of something. I really want to know who named lions the king of the jungle. I mean yes they are an apex predator and they can kill you, but so can a lot of other animals.

Just to clarify, when I say lion, I mean the male lions. The ones with the manes. Lionesses are amazing creatures that should be recognised as such. But nope, it’s all about the bloody king of the jungle. I mean correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t the lionesses the ones who do the hunting/providing while the stupid male lion just sits there looking pretty? Yet the male gets first pick at the kill/food. Lionesses are also capable of protecting the pride, though the males do that too sometimes. The males mostly provide protection from other males trying to enter the pride. It’s a display of who’s boss, an ego related thing. So typically male isn’t it? Most have been a man that first call a male lion king of the jungle. Damn men.


4 thoughts on “Male pride

  1. Well I guess they’re kings in the sense everyone serves them; as you said, the lionesses bring them that day’s hunt for them to get first pickings of and they control their lead by shooting down anybody who could compromise it. Really, the most problematic thing about the phrase ‘king of the jungle’ is that lions don’t exactly live in jungles.

    • If you base it on vegetation I see what you mean about thr jungle thing. My main point was that male species, human or otherwise are idiots.

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