Long term relationship

I had a dream last night that made no sense. It was so ludicrous that I had to blog about it this morning before work on my phone. I hate blogging on my phone, the app doesn’t let me justify my alignment which annoys me.

Anyway, I dreamt that I was hanging out with a guy I liked at a party. I went to the food spread and took a little Danish and ate it. For the rest of the party he went on and on about how I should not eat junk like that.

Here’s the weird part. I was still hanging out with him after the party. Like hello brain, did you short circuit or something? That would never happen in real life. No man comes between me and pastry. We’ve had a very long relationship from way back, and I will not give it up for a guy. Plus I like to experiment making pastry. Why would I date someone who wouldn’t even try one of my creations? That’s probably why I am still single, I’m a fat cow. Honestly though, don’t tell me what to do. And telling me what to eat? Bitch please.

I need to reboot/format my brain.


5 thoughts on “Long term relationship

    • Mostly tarts/cakes, nothing too complex. That’s a good idea. If i get over my introversion and feel social maybe I will sign up for something.

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