Baking blues

The pink cake is not happening this weekend. The one thing I was looking forward to. My sister has hijacked the oven. I have 2 different stories about how the oven ended up with my sister, one from her and one from my mother. I thought she just needed it over Christmas but apparently she has it till she goes back to Australia. I am a bit annoyed that no one thought to consult me on this transaction, the person who uses that oven the most. So I asked her to bring it back for this weekend, I don’t think that’s going to happen but we’ll see.  I don’t understand why she just didn’t buy one. A cheap one costs like what? 90 bucks? And she also cancelled out plans tomorrow morning, because she’s too tired. So yeah my weekend is off to a swimming start. Going to be just me, my laptop and my work laptop, oh and my phone. Joy.

I mean seriously, I am the pathetic loser that who’s highlight of the weekend was going to be be baking a fucking cake. Even that didn’t work out. Why does the universe toy with me so?


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