Green Tea and Pink Cake

I had a client meeting/presentation today. And before that we met at the Starbucks below the client’s office to have like a preliminary discussion. So I went to order a drink, my non-caffeine hot drink of choice, a green tea latte. This was my conversation with the Starbucks kid (SK) (its boring but I am going to post it anyway).

Me: Can I have a tall soy green tea latte, no classic syrup please?

SK: We don’t use syrup in our lattes, and would like a grande, it’s just 50 cents more?

Me: No thanks, just a tall. And are you sure there’s no classic syrup, I am pretty there is, could you check?

SK: No ma’am no syrup is used in our lattes.

Me: Even the matcha latte?

SK: No, no syrup added.

(Barista walks over and whispers something to the kid)

SK: Sorry, yes the green tea latte we add classic syrup, we will get you one without any.

I mean he was friendly throughout the whole thing and was a nice guy. I have probably had more matcha lattes than he’s had water in his life. Okay fine, that’s an exaggeration, I am not that old, and he wasn’t that young either. But still, when the customer is so sure, can’t you just take 2 seconds to check? It’s not like the cafe was busy or anything. It’s okay I forgive the Starbucks kid. It was just not a fantastic day for me.

Oh and the pink cake, I would like to attempt to bake this cake this weekend. I have had it booked marked for like a year. Lets hope I have time to do it, got to finish a bloody work report first.


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