The Amazing Race

I love The Amazing Race. It’s a reality show that I follow on and off. So given my current no life situation, when I was told that a new season is out I got all excited. I watched the first 2 episodes last night, and here’s what I have to say to the producers – what the hell? It’s all couples. As in there are 6 dating couples and 5 that were paired up at the start of the race as blind dates. What happened to the parent/child, friends, colleagues, siblings, etc type pairs? I.e. relationships I can relate too. Why in the world would you try and turn it into The Bachelor?

I have to say though, the blind date couples seem less annoying than the dating couples, and while I am upset that all the pairs are dating/romantic in nature, I will probably end up following the season. It should end just in time for The Block. Now that is a show I can’t wait for. I hope I can watch it fro over here.


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