The Block

The Blocks back! It came back in January. How could I have missed that? But well at lease now I have something to fill the void in my life. I am not so impressed with the new couples so far though (I have only watched 2 reveals), but still have quite a bit if catching […]

Romantic Friday the 13th

    My cousin met the love of my life tonight. He had doughnuts. Guy + doughnuts, what more can a girl ask for? Too bad I will never meet him. And today on Friday the 13th, something terrible happened. My mom referred to my phone as, an *iPhone*. Oh the horror. No ma, no. […]

Singing in the shower and sugar

I seem to have a new song that I sing in the shower. It’s this one: Probably because it’s song used in my company for marketing purposes, so when I call my counterparts in other countries that’s the hold music that I get. Not too bad for hold music I have to say. Unfortunately they only play […]