Love-life update

By the post title you would have figured out that this is going to be a very short post. Chronically single me, has not much of a love life. A hot guy smiled at me today. He could have been smiling someone past me but I am pretty sure it was me. I smiled back. He left. That’s my love story. Exciting isn’t it?

Don’t know why but it reminded me of the day when I was checking out this guy on a train and he caught me doing it. As far of the list of embarrassing things to be caught doing, getting caught while checking someone out is not the worst, but it’s bad. I got off a few stops later, was waiting to cross the road at the traffic light, and guess what, got caught again. This time it was a a policeman. He was in his fitted polo tshirt and shorts. The outfit they wear when they do patrolling on a bicycle. And he was cute. I couldn’t help it. Policeman dude though, had a more friendly expression  despite catching me looking at him. Don’t judge me for checking out random men okay? I have been single for a very long time. I have needs. :D


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