So recently there was a Hindu festival that involves a procession (Thaipusam). This procession used to involve drums and singing. Yes I will admit that some of it may have gotten a bit rowdy but mostly the singing and the drums instruments used, were for the accompaniment of those taking part in the procession. However a few years ago there was a new rule that certain instruments particularly drums were banned because they were too loud and caused noise pollution. Classical instruments, likened to noise, way to go with authorities, great way to treat a minority group with tact and racial sensitive. This year when a few people decided to play those instruments again during the procession guess what? They got arrested. Now this procession takes place in a retail/tourist district away from most residential areas, just for your information.

Why am I bring this up? This morning while I was working from home, my ears were accosted by the clanging and banging of drums/music that typically accompanies lion dances that take place at this time of year, Chinese New Year. The sounds were coming from somewhere so far away that I couldn’t see the lion dance troupe, but was loud enough that I could hear it from my block on the 7th floor. About 20 mins after the damn thing ended, round 2 started. And this typically happens, in the middle of residential estates. Where’s the bloody ban on that? I am not claiming that there are double standards…oh wait that’s exactly what I am saying. Fuck being a minority. I just don’t get this place sometimes. Don’t worry though, if you are part of a minority group who’s forefathers did not contribute to building this country, you are quite safe. In other words, if you are part of a the expatriate community, particularly the white expatriate community, you’ll be worshiped. You can run around with drums, bagpipes, etc and you’re fine.

Sad isn’t it, knowing that most of society walks around thinking they are colourblind, when in reality, they’re just blinded?


2 thoughts on “Blinded

  1. I never expected that of S’pore! :0 ! I always thought it was racially diverse and accepting. It’s the only place i know with 4 languages on the train. But then i heard that’s only on certain routes :( maybe there is a negative cultural division?

    • It’s only on the surface. It’s diverse and the minorities seem to be tolerated, but not totally included I would say. Tourists/expats are fine though. They are accepted with open arms.

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