This post is about my upcoming trip to Europe. Well I use the word upcoming loosely. It’s in December. But I have not much to do in life so most of my free time is spent reading up on things to do and general preparation for it. I am pretty much done a lot of reading on it. I just feel a bit under prepared for weather though. I am not so sure what to expect. From what I have read I think Italy will be okay. I am not so sure about Switzerland and Austria. I have only experienced snow once in my life and I was all suited up for that. I need advice on European winters, so if anyone regularly travels there or lives there and is willing to give me some advice please do drop me a line.

As much as I was to keep bugging the cousin about the trip, her life is not as sad as mine. She has other stuff to focus on for now. I feel like if I keep bring it up she might disown me. I wish the train schedules would be out, but I think they are only released like 2-3 months in advance which is a bit crappy. I hope there are too many timing changes to the schedules out now. I have most stuff planned in my head. I think I am going to start reading up the the history of the places I will be visiting. I should also start slowly exchanging Euros.


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