Drop zone

I have reached a stage where I am pretty much ready to drop. I woke up this morning thinking it’s Saturday and almost didn’t get up for work. I need to make it through one more day and a bit of work and finally I have the weekend off. Don’t know why I am so exhausted, maybe it’s part of aging, maybe how it feels at the end of your 20s.

Oh and I need new friends. I have told (complained to) everyone I am working over the Chinese new year holidays next week, yet they all keep telling me I need to endure till the break next week :|. And that just makes me annoyed because I get reminded of the next 12 day work stretch. I need new friends who pay attention. Unfortunately, I am just not friend material I guess, can’t get new ones.

I also have a weird craving for a KFC zinger burger. It’s strange cause I don’t really eat meat other than seafood. I think I shall take myself out to KFC on Saturday. Valentine’s Day. How romantic are my plans? Ok I am starting to go off tangent, I shall stop now before I start typing gibberish.


4 thoughts on “Drop zone

    • Haha I ended up not feeling like a zinger burger yesterday. Got myself frozen yoghurt and salad. Going to count thay as a good day valentine’s day anyway.

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