Almost there

I don’t remember ever looking forward to Valentine’s Day as much as I do this year. No I haven’t found a Valentine between this post and now. After 12 days of work, I get to sleep in on that day. I am currently at the tail end of my 9th consecutive day working. It’s been tough. You know how sometimes you wake up and you feel like you’ve never slept at all? I have felt that for 3 straight nights. I really am exhausted. I am walking around, grumpy and feel like I could cry at any given time. I am quite surprised I haven’t snapped or broken down yet. And after this weekend guess what? Another 12 consecutive days of work.

I am trying to manage my mood by introducing artificial means of joy, in the way of media, in the mornings. Mostly it’s listening to Hamish & Andy podcasts. They’re 2 Australian radio program hist who are hilarious (for those of you who don’t know). Or by watching Ellen or Jimmy Fallon video clips. Only problem with this is, sometimes I actually laugh in the bus. At least when I am watching a video, people can see I might be laughing at that. But when I am listening to the podcasts I am pretty sure I look like a lunatic on the bus. I was conscious about this at first, but then I was like who the hell cares. Why should I feel bad for feeling good. My morning’s a little more bearable since I started doing this I have to say. Oh and by the way, speaking of Jimmy Fallon videos, you guys should see this if you haven’t already:

Anyway, in the future, I can now safely say there has been 1 Valentine’s Day that I have looked forward to, 2015. And since I’m being positive an all, who knows maybe between now and Saturday I might actually find a Valentine. Okay fine, even I laughed at that last statement. Just going to focus on the sleeping in part.


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